I Am Not Ashamed (Song Lyrics)

I Am Not Ashamed

(By David K. North & Virgil Night)

After many years of searching
And questioning within
After years of denying the truth in me
The struggle now is over
My life begins again
The time has come to face reality

I am who I am, I am what I am
It doesn't matter how, it doesn't matter why
There's no one to blame
The truth now is clear, I stand without fear
You can know my name
For I am not ashamed

What were you expecting
What were you hoping for
That maybe we would silently disappear?
We're your sisters and your brothers
Your daughters and your sons
It does no good pretending we're not here

No more cowering in the shadows
Afraid to love myself
I must be all I am and nothing less
Nothing more is required than life and liberty
And the pursuit of happiness
For me this is the moment
For me the time is now
To claim our rightful measure of dignity
And standing strong together, our voices WILL be heard
As we fulfill our destiny

Copyright 1998. David K. North & Virgil Night